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CR-80 Portable Fetal Doppler

  Core-Ray Portable Fetal Doppler: high performance fetal heart beat detector with B/W and Color OLED displaying FHR value, which can meet routine examination requirements of obstetricians. It is applicable for the private obstetrician’s office, clinic, obstetrical department of hospital and remote monitoring situations, or using at home.
  Color OLED Fetal Doppler!
  Algorithm inside, More Accurate!
  Light weight and Easy to use
  Color OLED display FHR value, FHR intensity, speaker volume, battery capacity indicator, working mode, frequency of the probe and FHR synchronization symbol.
  Accurate FHR detection. It has FHR mode, average FHR mode, manual count FHR mode and count-down FHR mode.
  Detection and indication of probe off.
  Improper FHR alarm value adjustable, the blinking FHR digit indicates improper FHR value.
  Turn to power saving mode automatically without signal within 30 seconds.
  Auto shut off without signal within 2 minutes.
  Earphone port supports FHR sound output to earphone or recorder.
  Standard 9V alkaline battery is available for power supply, which can support 300 minutes continuous work.



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